Djansug Kakhidze Tbilisi Center for Music & Culture

Tbilisi center for music & culture is one of the leading concert organizations in Georgia, which serves for preservation and evolution of country's rich musical traditions.

Tbilisi Center for Music & Culture has been established in 1989. The idea of its formation came to famous Georgian conductor Djansug Kakhidze in 1976. While there was not the hall, which satisfied all requirements necessary for performance of symphonic music, it has been essential to create a new modern venue fitted out with all useful conditions. In the period of Soviet government it seemed nearly impossible because of many complicated formalities. To overcome those contradictions more or less painlessly, a solution has been found – the location exchange between the cinema “Amirani”, that was situated on D.Agmashenebeli (former Plekhanov) avenue and Tbilisi Philharmonic Small Concert Hall, which was at M.Kostava (former Lenin) street. And afterwards, the reconstruction of former cinema has been started. As a result of problem-solution, the restless efforts of Maestro Kakhidze and the support of progressive-minded people in the government the new concert hall of modern standards was extended to historical foyer of the cinema. The architects of this new hall were Leri Medzmariashvili and Murtaz Chachanidze.
Before the opening of the center Djansug Kakhidze used to say: “One of the most important missions of my life could be considered finished – the new, modern, magnificent hall for symphonic music stays on D.Agmashenebeli Avenue'. Mainly, this hall became the new hearth of classical music and on its basis Djansug Kakhidze formed Tbilisi Center for Music & Culture - a leading concert organization of Georgia, which preserves and develops the rich concert traditions of this country and where you can listen to advanced music ensembles and famous soloists.
During years of its existence the center became an initiator and implementer of several important undertakings:
On 20th august of 1993 Maestro Djansug Kakhidze has established Tbilisi Symphony Orhcestra. Because of high artistic level, perfect professional skills of orchestra musicians, wide repertoire and original performance manner it has been recognized by many outstanding musicians and leading experts as a main music ensemble of Georgia.
In September 1993, together with Tbilisi City Hall, was established the annual international music festival “Autumn Tbilisi”, which unites the concerts of classical symphonic and chamber music, jazz and folk. The stars of world musical culture and famous Georgian musicians participate in the festival along with Tbilisi Symphony Orchestra. During this long period of its activity the festival “Autumn Tbilisi” has gained a position of the highest artistic and successful event in the cultural life of Georgia.
In 2002, since the death of Maestro Djansug Kakhidze Tbilisi Center for Music & Culture and adjacent garden, the former “State Philharmonic Auditorium”, has been named after his name.
The same year an outstanding composer and conductor Vakhtang Kakhidze became an artistic director of the center. Already with his leadership has been held the 10th anniversary of International Music Festival “Autumn Tbilisi” and Tbilisi Symphony Orchestra that undeniably was a beginning of new direction in the development of festival and orchestra.
In 2004-2010 Djansug Kakhidze Tbilisi Center for Music & Culture was basically renovated. The complete rehabilitation of the building became possible by the support of well-known Georgian philanthropist Mr. Bidzina Ivanishvili and the International Charity Foundation “Cartu” established by him.
The well-known German, Austrian and Dutch companies contributed much in the reconstruction process of music center. According to their recommendations and joint works done together with Georgian building companies the acoustics of big and small concert halls were strongly amended.
The concert organ was constructed specially for the big hall by German master – Ewald Kienle. It has changed the view of big hall significantly and has given particular originality to it.
The common opinion of specialists from the different countries is that after the reconstruction the concert halls of the center are fully compatible with world standards and our country has to be proud of it.
Tbilisi center for Music & Culture performs concerts quite often for different diplomatic missions in Georgia celebrating their national holidays.
Also, the center hosted several competitions and festivals. Among them are: Georgian National Competition of music-performers, Tbilisi International Piano Competition, International Music Festival “From Easter to Ascension”, Tbilisi Winds Festival and others.
Tbilisi Center for Music & Culture is always very enthusiastic in supporting young Georgian performers. A lot of already well-known musicians have passed the professional training at the stage of our center. Besides, we systematically arrange the concerts of different music schools and high schools, present the master classes of famous musicians.
Tbilisi Center for Music & Culture pays a lot of attention towards creative activity of Georgian composers and perform their works frequently.
In 2015 the center established new, Djansug Kakhidze international Music Festival with the support of Ministry of Culture and Monument Protection of Georgia. It was dedicated to 80 years anniversary of g Maestro. The aim of this festival is an artistic collaboration of Tbilisi Symphony Orchestra and “world stars” of popular music. This is an event for all kind of music lovers.
The same year the new member of artistic staff of Djansug Kakhidze Tbilisi Center for Music & Culture became Niko Sulkhanishvili Georgian State Choir, which participates actively in concert life of the center and presents wide repertoire to the audience.
Many interesting projects are planned in the future, which will promote the classical music in our country and will play an important role in presenting the Georgian music culture abroad on top professional level.